We can REPAIR the following machines for YOU.

Pinballs: Bally     Williams    Stern    Gottlieb     Data East   
Game plan    Segasa    Sonic    Zacarria     Chicago Coin 
Exhibit     Sega     Alvin G    Capcom     Playmatic   
All machines from the 19th , 20th and 21st Century
Jukeboxes: Wurlitzer     Seeburg    Rowe    AMI     Rock-Ola
Mills     Packard     Capehart     NSM   
Specialist in Antique and Classics
Video Games: All types
Redemption Machines Bromley    Lazertron    Skeeball     Ice   etc
Kiddie Rides All Types

Who is repairing your machine?

BE CAREFUL who you get to repair your machine. There are a lot of backyarders out there posing as professionals. Some even have shopfronts. 
I say this because I am getting more and more machines come into our workshop with poor "quality" repairs done to them, by the so-called professionals out there.. 

Ring John direct  039 702 4760